Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Be like a sponge: Listen, absorb, take the advice. Come on. Take heed of those good advice.When you change, everything will change. You'll be amazed that things will entirely change.Like 360 degree change. Completely. It's always about attitude, never aptitude.Didn't He promise us of the change?

Learn from mistakes of others. Learn.Do not wait for the same mistake happen to oneself in order to learn.

Let go of pride, because here is a simple but profound truth : You Own Nothing. You are His devoted slave. Whatever He gives, He could always take it back from you.Honor,but do not pride in oneself for your predictions can never overrule His plans. Never. He and only He Knows best.

That heart needs a defrost.

Be like a sponge. It helps.

Have a good day.

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