Monday, 16 January 2012



Crystal clear
The light at the end of the tunnel is clear. Let's be strong, smile, walk with grace and remember Allah is behind everything that has happened. If a thing passes you by, it is not meant to befall you; and if a thing befalls upon you, then it is meant to befall upon you.

Reaction is Everything
And indeed, bear in mind, that, if our reaction to such befalling is with open hearts, it is a blessing in disguise. Let me rephrase this: if we react with positive outlook, accept and counter the turbulence in a positive manner, then the end product is getting strength and maturity. It is a blessing in disguise. You now become stronger, mature, but most importantly, come what may-you will remember that it is only Allah that matters.Allah is detaching you from all the false attachments of the world, and that is why He places these stumbling blocks along your way. It's for you to jump over them with grace and open heart. Climb it with the right niyyat. It is now a chance to rectify the niyyat (intention) if it has been misleading one all this while. Corrected niyyat, with iron,rock-solid effort precipitate the fruition of dreams and ambitions, biidznillah.

Sadly,if our reaction to such befalling is with closed, stuck, 'hard-headed' attitudes, it would not be a blessing but instead a blatant punishment from God. We become worried sick, losing peace at hearts and only trust our naked eyes in perceiving things-which turn us into creatures that complain much and accommodate less. The negative perception now is this: everything else that happens to everyone is greatness, and everything that happens to self is catastrophic. The world is crumbling. You couldn't breath. You feel like you have no control of things when in fact, you really have no control of things. If these emotions persist, it is a way of Allah's punishment to His slaves.

Still, there is hope...

It is only now you realize that it's time to make that U-turn and turn to Allah. Remember, the turbulence remains as a form of punishment unless it takes you back to gratitude and humility.Insya-Allah. And suddenly you found the light.

The unreliable naked eyes
How true that naked eyes and logic of the mind can be deceiving,and can never perceive the most beautiful things in totality. The heart is the best, all-rounder perceiver. The transition from punishment to blessing takes place only when the transition of perceiving with eyes to perceiving with heart takes place.Logic matters, but intuition with hidayah matters much more.

Walk the pain
Hey I won't be specific on what's happening; but, hey again, everybody's got different story and interpretation on what's happening around and upon them. Crux of the matter: Let's walk through the pain, and walk to the light with a light heart. Walk with Allah, turn to Allah and no other.

Good luck to you and thanks for reading my entry:). Much love

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