Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Taint

If Allah has awarded us with such bounties (picture above), why then the laze and slowness in dzikrullah?

A zit on your face is disturbing, aye? A scratch,little bruise, anything, just anything that taints that beautiful skin, will drive you mad. Sun-burnt? That's worst case scenario if you are born Malay. And certainly,if you happened to be a Malay girl. Or if you are born from any culture or surrounded by people of protestants of dark-skin.

You then begin stuffing those superfoods into the body. Everything for the well-being of the body-the container,the temporal shell of your soul.It's not bad an effort, don't get me wrong. Our body is also His amanah. Nutritions are inevitable. Nutritions are pivotal.

But what then, about a spot or taint of sin in the heart? It is by far,a more serious ailment than an acne.Or rosacea.Or even eczema.Coz it's your heart that has been infected, and tainted, and it is now incurable by the beauty foods, superfoods. The heart is the apparatus of the machinery of the body.It needs the scrub of repentance, along with the cleanser of prayers and toner of patience, and moisturised with dzikrullah.I'm talking in beauty terms now.These are definitely, insya-Allah, the actions that detox the soul.And your heart is now replenished, rejuvenated with light of peace and serenity that no money can buy.

Care for the body-the shell of the soul,it is amanah from Allah that you stay physically (and mentally) healthy, but care more of the status of your soul. The latter lasts forever. Health is wealth, but spiritual health is priceless. Thus, do care for the body, but invest more on the well-being of the heart, which is the everlasting component of yourself. The status of the heart will take you either to the path of Jannah or Jahannam (naudzubillah..)

Yet how many of us have attempted to strike the balance between superfoods for body and dzikrullah for the heart?

Let's try to work on both along the same line.

Don't give up with your current life test, because a famous saying once said: "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying even when there seemed to be no hope at all."

And Allah is our Hope.

Have a fabulous weekend with family and loved ones.

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