Friday, 12 November 2010

The Shimmering Sheffield

Salam and Hello,

I hope you are well.

I am going to tell you about the most fun weekend getaway I have ever had. And by that I mean serious fun.


I abbreviated my friend Syafiqah as S, and Kamilah as K. So, here we go:

To begin with, well, S and I had to take the train on the gloomy Friday evening to Sheffield! The connecting train in Doncaster before arriving Sheffield was a complete confusion as there were fleets of trains there, way too many. See, Doncaster is one of the hot spots for train interconnection to many destinations around the UK . So there we were, sorting out which platform and what time our mini train to Sheffield would be! Alhamdulillah the journey was smooth-sailing, and K waited for us at Sheffield train station. As we got off the train, we took few snapshots on the platform before meeting K with shimmering joy and excitement. It was the best reunion ever.

I was cheerful to see K again. I remembered all the good times we had in house #60 back in her undergraduate days in Durham. It was a pure joy hanging out with this sister of mine, and once we chat, we chat endlessly. Girly talks that guys could never understand, womanly giggles and 'pouring-out sessions' that men struggle finding the rationale of so doing. Well well.

S and I were mesmerised by the size of the metropolitan. By the time we arrived Velocity apartment, we stepped inside with an utter amazement! Fully-furnished, and warm! The apartment glows and this is no exaggeration!


Then S and I helped K with some food preparation; apparently we were not the only guests for the night there was a weekly Qur'anic Circle session to be held and K was the hostess for the week. We took care of the chicken tettrazinni in the oven and K had her nasi goreng and bubur kacang ready on table. We did meet five friendly Bruneian sisters that attended the session.The Quranic circle was spiritually fulfilling and most of all, it was a great joy berukhuwwah dengan ahli2 circle ni.

Saturday was the Meadowhall day, where we had fun in the shopping mall, and ate some halal Nando's and got a Subway takeout before we headed home. Sheffield impressed us with its Eye and lively night look. We rushed home for X Factor though. Aha.

And Sunday was fun as we strolled around Sheffield Uni campus and had a local burger lunch! I have started feeling feverish, perhaps I was bit tired and have had so much fun. No regrets though.
The photos are self-explanatory. I'll put them under a separate entry and you may view them later.

To K, thanks so much for being such an amazing hostess,but most of all, thank you for always being there for me, as a friend, and definitely,as a sister! Wished you were still here in Durham :'(

Love from
(One of the first two guests that has arrived in Velocity)

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