Monday, 15 November 2010

mee kari-ying all the way


I'll be having mee kari again today! Thanks to Kak Zarina (she was the one who baked my birthday cake back in 2008) who took the initiative to cater the food on a weekly basis. Which means that every Sunday I could gantung periuk and feast on the meals prepared by her! Only cost me 2 pounds for a single pack. I think there are some students who buy from her every now and then and this is definitely something new done within the Malaysian society in Durham. Kudos to Kak Zarina for such an effort, alongside her other duties as wife, mom and Phd engineering student in the Uni!

As of last night I have finished eating the mee and its condiments such as spring onion and telur rebus, but since the kari ayam is still in abundance I am now going to 'topup' these portions; boil some spaghetti and an egg and then garnish it with some green veg sprinkler(such as spring onion, or maybe corriander leaves too)!

Happy eating everyone!

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