Sunday, 14 November 2010

Lady in Blue

In reflection of yesterday
I was enlightened by a silent Hey
While running some errands of Saturday
I met a lady in blue
A nearby neighbor who shared something so valuable and true

Lady in blue did not ask my name
Neither did I ask her name
She then commenced her beautiful story
Saying old days are not easy
It is indeed an irony
how things might actually turn out to be
While some elderly die in health
Others survive the sickness with serenity of mind tho' near death
It is the latter that we should follow
Never should we view life as the world of hollow
Just take one day at a time and go with the flow

Lady in blue tells her story
Her mama is eighty-seven and surviving gracefully
In spite the sickness to the bone
Never was she so sad or alone
Just be kind to others
For others will be kind to you in your later years
For that is what she sees in her mother
Who forgets the bad, and forgives the errs
Ever from her life of early years

Our bus then came around
Together we hopped in and rode along
Later the lady in blue bid farewell and got off at the Lane
and says till we meet again
What a blessing to have spoken to her at The Chains

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