Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Let go, and move

Salam and Hello readers,

How are you?

I have now settled in my new home! Alhamdulillah, I now base at Claypath (seakan gaya askar melaporkan lokasi!) and no longer live in Bowburn. Still in Durham though.Yes, my beloved Durham, I am still with you.

I prefer and I guess I need to stay in a place closeby to everything; office/department, shops,coffee place and the city of course, especially now that I am in my final year of phd. It just came across in mind that all things should be close and accessible.Whether in free or busybee hours, at least I am close to office, and could stroll down the city for a short break and to de-stress if need be.

I love the fact that I have these options for I came to realize that rigid schedule does NOT work for me. Well, that doesn't negate the fact that focus and persistence are the pre-requisites of phd...and life! life needs istiqamah; life requires commitments. And commitments are blessings insyalh.I pray that my hijrah to the city brings more barakah to my life as His servant, and may I be able to focus on priorities insyalh.

My first week in Claypath was tough; I miss my two-year life in Bowburn! Separating with Shabana and K Suhaili my two previous housemates is not easy. Although I am a frequent goodbye sayer to my Other Half (coz of our long-distance marriage), every goodbye is bitter regardless of the relationship. Marital's the hardest to bid farewell; but friendship and sisterly love are special bond nevertheless. It's hard to let go, but life goes on. After all, love transcends distance..love is in the air, always, and forever :)

I still keep in touch (and meet) with Kam (now in Sheffield pursuing her masters degree..), Dijah, Pkah, Lutfi (who will be relocating himself to city tomorrow,with Mr R and Mr H in the near time!) and certainly K Eli (who is still in Durham)..

I am currently getting acquainted with new housemates. It's a beautiful house of 5 bedrooms and I'm loving it alhamdulillah. Today, it's exactly one month since I first moved in. Long way ahead.

I'll blog again soon. I miss you.

30 days in Douglas Villas


JS said...
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JS said...

perubahan itu pd permulaan mmg akn bg kt sedikit kesukaran.. tp insyaAllah lama kelamaan kt akan dapati ianya pengalaman utk kt jd lebih matang.. =)

Chai Tea said...


Thank you..Sgt setuju..

Kamilah said...

I love reading this post! :)

and I love you!! Keep in touch yaah.. see you real soon! ;)

Chai Tea said...

I love you too! Thanks for reading, and see you next week:)