Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Fever and Thesis Writing-they don't rhyme!

Salam and Hello,

I was going to update on my trip to Sheffield that took place last weekend, but, alas, I am not feeling well today. So I'll blog on the fun Sheffield trip later this week. I have taken some paracetamol tablets, a Clarinase flu tablet, and 4 strepsils in the last 24 hours and I experience some signs of recovery but I think I need to rest a bit more.

My body has a slight temperature to it, alongside the minor cold.

The morning weather was horrible. It was 4 deg C, but the windy rain indeed made it worse, they undoubtedly contributed to the horror morning scene!It was taxing walking in winds blowing from all directions. I have positioned my umbrella in few ways but nothing worked. Instead the strong wind almost broke my umbrella. Almost.

I continued walking along the River Wear,heading towards my supervisor's office at Old Elvet. I arrived and apologized for keeping him waiting for about 10 minutes. The meeting we had today was postponed from the last week as he had to look after his son who was ill. We then proceeded with the discussion, going through my 13,000-word chapter, completed with his comments and suggestions.

Thesis editing is what I should be doing now, but before that I will take a rest as my body craves for it. Health is top priority.

Anyhow it's now Zohor time. Hayya 'alassolah.



JS said...


JS said...

eh silap... syafakillah...

Chai Tea said...

terima kasih, alhamdulillah dah beransur pulih