Monday, 7 March 2011

my chance


As my lappy is broken, tonight I will take the humblest opportunity to rest and relax and read some articles that I have printed on papers from the office(yup let's quit electronic version tonight). I will be enjoying some scrumptious dinner prepared by Mr and Mrs Keenan as well as Miss Brackenbury and that means no cooking tonight. It is also my opportunity to just have a relaxing shower hour and let the hair down.Laundry is another task alhamdulillah done by Mr Washing Machine. This will also be done tonight..

But more importantly, I hope to have a dialogue with Allah, I will try to please Him My Lord, and I only hope for His Barakah for each and every one of us-for life in this world, and in the Next amiin..I have been doing this but my dialogue with Him has been too short,too brief, too hasty...may Allah forgive me and may I get more chance to better improve my speaking with Him as His weakest slave, amiin..

What a blessing to have a broken laptop. Maybe it is time to separate work and bedroom, although this is perfectly workable in the land of Miss Brackenbury.It's time to equally concentrate on both. Still, I yearn for that new laptop to take its place on my desk soon.

You take care.

Without a lappy and leaving office already,

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