Sunday, 27 March 2011


Two great occasions blessed by Allah swt:

The month has been a mesmerising one, especially because my Bruneian friend Zeah@Hazeah has got married with her prince charming, amiin! Barakallahu lakuma wabaraka 'alaikuma wajama'a bainakuma fii khair...~lots of wedding photos uploaded on facebook by Arni and Nurul Adri,and so happy to see the occassions of akad nikah, majlis berbedak, majlis bersanding and malam berambil-ambilan went well,as Arni said four occasions in three days!The newly married couple looked stunning, and undoubtedly cahaya kebahagiaan sungguh terpancar di wajah mempelai..alhamdulillah...semoga berkekalan ikatan cinta hingga ke syurga, amiin...

Last week Mahadi n Elly have alhamdulillah, become the parents of beautiful Bushra..the baby girl is so cute seeing the photos that Mahadi posted on facebook...may Allah guide them to become the exemplary parents and may Bushra be a solehah muslimah amiin...

My my, syukur to Allah for the kun fayakun..
On a separate note, K Nur and I had learned something yesterday: the power of kun fayakun..see, if Allah intends for a thing to happen, it will happen, whether good or bad, all is from Him. Isn't it stated in the Qur'an 36:82 Verily, when he intends a thing, His Command is "Be", and it is.

Isn't it?



Nur said...


What with the smile, then?

*suspicious eye lifted*

It has so many layers of interpretations, in which each layer bears different interpretation! LOL.

Chai Tea said...

Hehehe..u r right, i absolutely agree, the interpretations are multi-layered..sangat applicable dlm segala keadaan 'semasa' yg berlaku pada SAAT ini.

clue: rujukla pada 'multi-discussion' kita selama ini. keh keh

Machina said...

Bila auntie Amalina nak datang visit...?

Chai Tea said...

mmg nak sangat jumpa bushraaaa...:D
auntie survey train tiket dulu ek, insya-Allah ade rezeki auntie ke sana..nanti auntie update..