Thursday, 13 August 2009

Apple Milk Shake

Salam dan Hi,

Salah satu resipi sihat yg saya cuba ialah susu kocak berperisa buah-buahan atau fruit milk shake..

Hasil usahasama saya dan rakan Zaty mencipta resipi ni heheh dptla minum minuman berzat dan lazat sangat2..hehe...orait! here goes:

Utk buat milk shake kita blh guna apa2 shj buah apapun 3 jenis buah yg kami cuba ialah stroberi, pisang dan epal:

Apple Milk shake (serves 3)


2 green apples

2 red apples

4 tbsp pure and natural honey (please don't use sugar, kids will get hyperactive when sugar is excessively consumed apart from the fact that it will also not be beneficial for your health)

1 cup of semi-skimmed milk (semi or fully skimmed is always better than wholemilk)

500ml Vanilla ice cream (look out for V, vegetarian/vegan label, as some ice-creams do contain stabilisers/animal fats)

1. Peel and deseed all of the thoroughly washed 4 apples
2. Add the apples, pure honey, semi-skimmed milk and frozen ice-cream into the blender and blend the mixture for 1 min.

As simple as that!

The best part about it is it tastes so sweet and marvellous..

have a go and let me know!


With love,


Chai Tea said...

No sugar, for health sake!I repeat, no sugar (vanilla ice cream is sweet enough)

hnyhar said...

hmm..must try it..thanx for sharing the recipe though..

Chai Tea said...

cube tau akak