Sunday, 7 March 2010

My Name is Khan


A few weeks has passed since I watched this movie with my neighbour Kam. It was touching, meaningful,different. Not a typical Bollywood movie. Thanks Kam for recommending!! No regrets, a definitely worthwhile movie.Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Mukherjee as the main pair,the case revolves around the life of an autistic Muslim man (Shah Rukh as Ridzwan Khan)who fell in love with a Hindu hairdresser lady (Kajol as Mandira), a divorcee, who has a son from her previous marriage. The situation changed post 9/11, friends were drifting apart, perceptions towards Muslims changed especially in the US, but the worst thing was that their marriage was stirred up by a tragic situation...can't tell you more, you now need to watch it! :D

Do check out this link. A must-watch. Congratulations to director Karan Johar for this masterpiece. Kam and myself were in tears half the time. Deep and captivating. Don't miss it. Trust me.


ayu said...

lina tgk movie tu kat mana ?u tube ada ke?

Chai Tea said...

minggu2 sebelum ni blm ada kt youtube, takat trailer/scene pendek2 aje yg ada. so, kami p empire cinema dekat newcastle city centre. apapun cuba check youtube dlu kot2 dah ada tp masih awal, blm ada lg rasanya..