Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lina's Spicy Minced Beef Curry

Minced beef curry**
(1 bowl, serves 6-8 people).
Prep time= 45mins-1 hour.

sesuai bagi yang tahan dan meminati pedas..
, no santan/coconut milk required,no spices required.

1. 250g minced beef
2. 1 big potato
3. 3 shallots
4. 7 garlic
5. 2cm ginger
6. vegetable cooking oil
7. 1 teaspoon of Tamicon tamarind paste ( beli dekat el-nour)
8. 6-7 tablespoons of Rajah curry powder
9. 6-7 tablespoons of ground chilli powder
10.6-7 tablespoons of Lanchester Dairies semi-skimmed milk ( beli dekat olive
and bill’s, kedai belakang rumah)
11. 2 cups of water
12. salt to taste
13. sugar to taste
14. half bunch of coriander leaves

1. Blend 3 shallots, 7 garlic and 2cm ginger altogether in a blender, add as
little water as possible (try to minimize water while blending). Blend kasar2
je, tak terlalu hancur.
2. Cut the potato into small pieces.
3. Wash and strain the minced beef, pakai penapis kecil, drain it for a while.
4. Add cooking oil into the pan, wait till it’s hot then tumis (1) sampai naik
bau wangi. (Gas 4-5)
5. Add 6-7 tablespoons of Rajah curry powder into the pan and stir gently till
the mixture boils. Turn down to Gas 3.
6. Add 1 teaspoon of Tamicon tamarind paste (the mixture tends to get dark a
7. Then add the 250g of minced beef and 2 cups of water. Stir gently. The
mixture will be lighter in color by this time.
8. Add chilli powder and milk and stir well, wait till boil. The mixture is
reddish/orange-ish by this time. Turn down to Gas 2.
9. Add sugar and salt to taste. Turn down to Gas 1 for 40 minutes.
10.Garnish with coriander leaves and voila! Served and ready to served
with naan bread/capati.

*kalau nak cepat beli roti naan yg instant, letak garam dan air sedikit, masuk ke dlm oven 5 min (or microwave it for 2mins, depending on cooking instructions suggested)
** served at Dijah and Kam's house, err too pedas, but my friends love pedas, so it was alright for them..luckily..



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