Sunday, 28 June 2009

Welcome Induction= Amazing Race


Reminiscing the occurrence of 6 months ago brings a smile across my face. I had few friends, and guessed what prompted my social interaction? THE AMAZING RACE. One Malaysian student in Durham organised the know who kan:)

The Invitation
"Ko nak main game amazing race x?"one of the contestants of TAR asked.
"Ok boleh" I replied.

As simple as that. The game was tiring but fun. Sampai lenguh2 kaki berlari2 cari klu serata Durham city.But I got the chance to meet with some amazing, warm, friendly people of Bowburn. My social circle began to expand..from TAR (I didn't win though) I get the chance to know 5 Bruneians: Arni, Zatul, Zeah, Huda and Kam and 4 Malaysians: Yusran, Dija, Lutfi and Mahadi. Seronok sangat hr tu. Team yg menang ialah zatul-arni. Seronok btul tgok dorg wpon aku kalah hehe siap dapat tempat terakhir xpe, I gained so much than just winning the game; dapat kawan2 yg sgt best hehehe..trm kasih dtg rumah aku n made me feel part of the gang lah..hehe..



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