Sunday, 9 November 2008

learning..and keep learning

Learning is not a mere verb, it is a habit of a lifetime. Those who do not take heed of things happening around them, do not, I believe, actually learn. Tangible items such as books, internet etc are means of getting knowledge; it is the intangibles such as observation, ponderance and application of the knowledge into daily life that actually complete the learning process. You can learn anything, and most importantly, when the precious thing is shared, it is so meaningful, and powerful, that you could change the life of another through sharing what you know, and what you have. Hence the purpose of the creation of this blog; using internet as a means of sharing what I know and experience, and hoping insya-Allah the readers will benefit from this limited knowledge of mine. As Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him saying goes: "Ballighu 'anni wlau aayah", and it is this very saying I incorporate into my life as a human being, an educator. Insya-Allah, I pray that my knowledge benefits not only me but anyone and everyone who reads this blog; little things make big difference; may you be contented and grateful of what you have, and of who you are:)

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